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Eureka (English version): Work with the results

What can you do with the results obtained on Eureka?

The “ Send To ” section gives you a menu of possible actions to perform with the result: send to a bibliographic reference manager, print, send by email, etc



Did You Know...?
There is another way to print, export, and e-mail a particular reference from the same results screen. Find out how by clicking here!

To export to Mendeley (bibliographic manager to which the Library subscribes) you must select the RIS format; you can do this by following these instructions: 


You can select from different citation styles.

To create search alerts in Eureka, you first need to log into the system.

Then, perform your search, applying, if necessary, any filters you wish to use to refine the results. When the list of results is displayed, you have to click on “Save Query”. 

A notification will then appear at the top of the search engine that gives you the option to "Turn on notifications for this query".

You will then be asked for your email address. By default, the system includes your university e-mail address; if you wish to receive notifications at another e-mail address, you will need to enter it.


To manage your alerts, you need to click on “Search History” in your user window at the top right of the screen.

Finally, by clicking on “Saved Searches”, you will find the searches you have selected. If the bell icon is shown in bold, this indicates that an alert has been created for that search.



To add a Eureka record to "My Favourites", click on the "Pin" icon on the right:

To view your favourite records, go to "My Favorites" (log in using your username and password).

You will see a list of all the records you have added as favourites in both this session and previous sessions.


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