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Eureka (English version): Full record

Full record


Details about the document: here you can see more descriptive details about the document: summary, identifiers, subjects, etc.

Virtual Browse:  this recreates virtually the bookshelf of the Library on which a physical document is deposited, following the strict order of its catalogue number.

Citations network

The citations network shows you, in each search result, the publications (usually articles) it cites and in which it is cited.

It is important to note that it is a citations network only for the documents found in Eureka; it is not necessarily a complete list of citations, and it allows the user to browse through their results within Eureka. This information is represented by two icons:

  • the icon   directs you to publications that cite that document
  • the icon directs you to the publications that the document cites

If Eureka does not detect a citation for a result, no arrow appears


When you click on each of the links, you will see a list of documents that cite or have been cited by the document you searched for. With this feature, you can successively expand citation threads.

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