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Eureka (English version): Reservations

How does the reservations system work?

In Eureka, the user can reserve loan copies using this feature  by joining the queue for reserving the required title.

  • Users can only reserve up to 5 books at a time, except teachers and researchers, who can reserve up to 10 books.
  • There is a 2-day period to collect any books you have reserved from the time it is placed on the counter shelf (after that you will lose any rights to it).
  • Cases in which the system will NOT accept the reservation:
    • The user has existing fines or has been blocked for a violation.
    • The user has already reserved 5 titles.
  • Cases in which reservations CANNOT be made:


  • Search Eureka for the title of the book you are interested in.
  • If the book is on loan, the message "Not available" appears. Once inside the record, check that there are no copies available in the reading room.
  • Click "Request”.
  • Before you submit your request, you can include the date from which you would no longer need the book and some comments.

  • Reservations are made by default on the first copy of a returned title. This type of document only has one reservations queue per title and year of publication.

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