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Servicio de Reprografía: How to print

How do the printers work?

The printers/photocopying machine work with cards which can be bought at Celestino Mutis Building's copy centre. The cards can also be bought and topped up in the recharge machines at library's Rest area (Área de descanso.

How to print documents from the library desktop computers

Open the document you want to print and select “Imprimir” (Print).

Make all the settings and click “Imprimir” (Print). A pop-up window will open where you will have to choose a user ID and a password (which can be different from the ones used for the university services).

In the photocopying room

Put the card in the reader to identify yourself.

Select the printing button “Imprimir”.

Choose “Trabajos de impresión” (documents to print).

You will see a list with all your documents. Select one of them and “Imprimir” (print).

The system will ask for the password. Introduce it and select OK.

Before printing the selected document you will see a confirmation message. When you are sure select “” (Yes) and the copier will start printing.


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